Wound Care in Union Beach
Our goal at Arnold Walter Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Union Beach, is to recover optimal healing in your chronic or complex wounds so that they progress in a positive way and as quickly as possible. The final goal is to obtain a closure of the wound and maintain it impeccably to assist the healing process. We do this with our recognized specialists trained in wound care, in collaboration with your general practitioner, your specialist doctor and your home nurses. We seek out early identification of at risk residents so that early interventions for prevention can be put in place. This is especially important if they already have pre-existing wounds.

The main issues identified are as follows. Communication and the know-how. We work with multidisciplinary collaborations and follow a holistic approach, and as wound care specialists, we are trained to combine our knowledge with our experience to act as a coordinator in resolving your wound problems. Our goal is to improve the care of wounds as a whole with a bespoke approach. Our wound care in Union Beach offers all patients a program that is suited to them.

Wound Care Tips

After a thorough assessment of your problem, the care plan will be consolidated. A thorough wound cleansing is usually a necessity during the first consultation. All our team members at Arthur Walter Nursing and Rehabilitation Center have a wealth of knowledge in wound care and therefore can offer you valuable information that will serve you well in the future.


Wound care is a discipline that requires clear communication between different providers. The wound care specialist will ensure that all parties involved are informed of the proposed approach. We will be appreciative of your religious and cultural views and deal with all views sensitively. We want you to be happy with your plan, and our team seeks to ensure this pathway is just right for you.


We make sure, via pharmacies, that you have the right material in sufficient quantity for your care as well as any documents required for reimbursement by your insurer.

Wound closure

We will do our best to close the wound as quickly as possible and aid healing. In some cases, we are also aware that wound closure will take a long time or may encounter complications, which is why our expert team of physicians are always on hand to assist. We focus on ensuring that you are comfortable and in no pain and work to ensure that you have the very best treatment plan in place.

After the treatments

Once your wound is closed, your next challenge is treating the scars and reintegrating into social and professional life. Follow-up of the progress of the wound is also vital for us. We regularly assess your wounds and adjust treatment if necessary. The specialist will inform your healthcare providers of the proposed changes.

Therefore, you can contact us at Arthur Walter at any time for the help that you need, when you need it the most.



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