Skilled Nursing in Union Beach
Nursing care within the Arnold Walter Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Union Beach, is integrated into a holistic and multidisciplinary approach. The action of our nurses and nursing assistants is therefore part of a multidisciplinary care project. Our skilled nursing in Union Beach has a common objective. This is to build a rehabilitation and reintegration project with the patient. Completed in connection with their family, social, cultural, philosophical and medical context.

Our services

We offer a multitude of services to patients that include:

  • Long Term care – Long term care following an accident or illness can be a lengthy process but our team is there by your side 24/7.
  • Short Term care – We offer physical therapies 7 days a week in our therapy gym for short-term needs such as stroke or injury
  • Wound care management – Any type of wound must be dealt with accordingly and treated to ensure a smooth healing process. We offer this service.
  • Hospice care – Terminal illness is a difficult thing to deal with, that is why our staff members are dedicated to the best hospice care. Both physically and mentally.
  • On-Site Physician Visits – If you wish a doctor to visit you at your home, we can have this arranged.
  • Discharge Planning Services – Moving out of hospital and back into your own environment is not an easy task. That is why we ensure the process is easy and effective.
  • Nutritional Support Services – Dietary support during illness or injury is important. Especially because it will aid the body in healing. We are there to help you during this process and offer you information.
  • Therapeutic Recreational Programs – Moving and being involved in recreational activities is brilliant for both the body and mind. We offer numerous programs suited to your needs.

Quality all the way

At Arnold Walter Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Union Beach, we provide quality, individualized and personalized care. The patient’s lifestyle and skills are taken into account. This support notably includes a dimension of supervision, patient involvement and stimulation of autonomy. The caregivers will adapt the care to the patient. We will manage and evaluate current and more complex care according to professional regulations. We will take into account the degree of dependency of the person. This includes any communication difficulties, the place of the family and more. We identify and prevent risks associated with hospitalization and infection control to ensure your relative has a smooth transition back into their community.

24 Hour Presence

The specificity of nursing care is inherent in its 24-hour presence with the patient. This constant presence allows us as caregivers to play a role of referent for patients and their relatives. We aim to ensure that the best quality care is given.

It is important to have a common language but also a common practice. This therefore also requires taking ownership of the concepts of re-education, rehabilitation and reintegration. We strive for the very best outcomes every single time. Our stellar services speak for themselves. Including on site WiFi, comfortable rooms and superb facilities throughout. Our skilled nursing team works for you, to give you the very best outcomes.



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