Rehabilitation Services in Union Beach
Our skilled nursing team at Arthur Walter, Union Beach has a plethora of experience, training and the provision of research tools. Our health professionals can acquire the knowledge necessary to ensure effective and optimal quality of care for rehabilitation. The objective of functional rehabilitation nursing is to assist the person with a physical impairment.

We seek to achieve and maintain an optimal functional level. Our nursing staff who provide physical rehabilitation care help the patient and those around them to adapt to their new skills. We will offer them a therapeutic environment that allows them to acquire maximum autonomy in the management of their health. This may include the activities of daily living and domestic activities. Based on best practices, we will create and implement intervention and treatment strategies. We guide our patients. We never neglect the families. We promote good health, while respecting their cultural and religious values too.

At the heart of our decisions

Our skilled nursing staff at Arnold Walter believe that it is essential that the person is at the heart of every decision. Every day, the commitment of our rich and varied nursing team contributes to the development of the full potential of its patients. We take these core factors seriously:

  • Kindness
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation

Comprehensive care

We seek to evaluate the state of health at the time of the user’s admission and throughout the stay. We provide the best rehabilitation programs based on their health and their own beliefs. We determine and ensure the implementation of the nursing care and treatment plan and that this is working well for the patient. Our goal is to restore and maintain good health following any type of injury or illness that requires rehabilitation.

Our rehabilitation services in Union Beach offer nursing and medical care and treatment. We seek to restore and maintain health. We also promote participation in priority activities so that users commit to developing their autonomy. We aim to help them participate in individualized intervention plans. We adopt an interdisciplinary context and establish great contact with relatives. We wish to put all skills acquired during the rehabilitation sessions into motion. In addition, with a common objective of socio-residential reintegration, our nursing staff play an essential role. In particular through educational activities for an optimal and safe return home.

Home-Like Environment

If you so wish, we are available for home visits also from our trained physicians. Following their treatment, it is important that families are not left alone. That is why we here at Arnold Walter prioritize our patients’ needs. Our facilities offer a true home-like environment, to ensure comfort throughout their stay. Spacious rooms, great social areas and impeccable amenities add to the luxury of our facility. Our nursing staff work to help move you back into the community, with the possibility of short-term or long-term care. Our aim is to bring you back home, with peace of mind and a well structured plan, including any treatments. Our rehabilitation services in Union Beach are there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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